Ikea Virtual Homeschool Room

A couple of months ago, I decided to turn our dining room into my craft room. If you haven’t already, check out my post on how I turned my closet into my craft room. During quarantine, my Etsy shop took off and I had so many sales that my closet craft room wasn’t cutting it anymore. It was a tough decision to completely get rid of the dining room, but had soon realized that since March, when the quarantine had started, we had only eaten meals at the coffee table in the living room anyway.

So, it was decided. I had turned the dining room into the perfect space for me to work. I had my designated sewing table, my designated Cricut table, and my heat press had a permanent space. But then, it set in that my boys would be staying home for at least the next year. Virtual/homeschool was the priority.

Initially the plan was to keep the boys up in their rooms. You can check out my old post to take a look at their Ikea homework stations. But after one of our 5 hour long conversations, my best friend Tarah, thought it would be a better idea to have the children, her two and mine, feel like they were getting up and leaving their rooms to “go to school”. I thought the idea made perfect sense and got to rearranging immediately.

My oldest already had a table that he was using as his desk, that was identical to my sewing table. So I took his desk and brought it down, cleared off my sewing table, and the boys had matching desks.

Skadis pegboard

I’m obsessed with symmetry, so I needed to make sure that each space had the exact same items. I already owned quite a few of the Ikea Skadis peg boards, so I took two of the smaller ones and some of my accessories I bought with them and put them on the wall above the boys desks. I made sure they were low enough so they could access their things on them, such as water bottles, headphones, markers, and sticky notes.

I took a quick store run and grabbed these dry erase boards from a nearby Office Max. They are the perfect size for the space, and I will be writing up their daily assignments on them.

Raskog Utility Cart

Next, I cleared out my two Ikea Raskog carts, and filled them with all of the supplies the boys will need for virtual/homeschool.

Variera Box

I used the Ikea Variera boxes to contain their smaller supplies while in the cart.

Then, placed larger items directly in the shelves of the cart.

Skarsta top with Kallax shelf on its side

My diy craft table, which is a combination of things from a Ikea put together, fits perfectly in between the boys work spaces. They’re in the same room, but have enough space to stay focused. And I’m also able to get some work done at my craft table, or sit and supervise to make sure they’re staying focused.

It’s only the second day of school, but so far so good. Our new Ikea craft room/virtual homeschool room is working out great. Leave a comment if you’ve created workspaces for your little ones at home.

6 thoughts on “Ikea Virtual Homeschool Room

  1. I absolutely love this! It is so incredible how agile you are and how you have been able to repurpose your spaces time and time again. Covid has not been the easiest on us, but you make it look easy and I am sure the boys love having such a creative mama. Good luck this fist week and throughout the entire (historic!) academic year.

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  2. Amazing Job! I Love the change of scenery idea, I’m currently trying to create that effect for my own home office/workspace so it only makes sense to do that for my Kindergartener as well. **Heads out to make a store run**

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