DIY Quarantine / Stay Home Doormat

I have had more than enough time to devote to my passions during this quarantine. It’s very unfortunate that it’s taken our world to be in the state it’s in for that to happen. I am blessed that my family is healthy, and I pray that we all continue to be. I’ve had time to finish projects that I started, and the time to start new ones.

Today is day 22 of quarantine for us. I’ve been in and out of my craft room working on projects. I had one of these blank door mats left, and decided to customize it. It’s funny because I’ve personalized so many of these for other people to sell, that I never had the time to make one for myself.

I decided I wanted to make a rug that I could sit out reminding others to stay home if they can. I always check Etsy for files that I can purchase, I love supporting other makers, especially during this time, when some are struggling financially. I downloaded the purchased file and uploaded it onto my Cricut app.

I used freezer paper as my stencil.

I used a strong grip mat and my Cricut began cutting. My material settings were on custom, and I chose Parchment paper as my material.

I peeled the freezer paper up from the mat and used my Cricut easy press to try and have the freezer paper stick to the mat a little.

Then I used pins to hold the stencils down.

I used outdoor acrylic paint and a stencil brush to begin painting.

After a few hours of drying, my mat was finished. I hope it’s a helpful reminder to you and my neighbors, to stay home if you can. And for all of those that can’t, stay safe.

One thought on “DIY Quarantine / Stay Home Doormat

  1. This is such a great idea. I love your creativity. Even though you could not get out you found things in your home to do the things you love most. The carpet came out really good.


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