Organized Snack Cabinet

This cabinet might not look so bad to some of you, but if you look down on the counter, that’s all of the stuff that also belongs in there. I am one of those people that likes to do a yearly refresh of all of the areas in our home. It helps to get rid of old expired items, gives you a clean slate to sanitize, and the room to reorganize.

So after deciding that I wanted labeled bins in the cabinet, I needed to figure out what size the cabinets were so I knew what bins would fit.

Large box was $4.50, small box was $2.79.

The first place I checked was Ikea, since that’s where I go for all things organization. I found these boxes in the kitchen area.

Next it was time to empty the cabinet and wipe down the shelves. Then I emptied all of the bulky boxes and sorted like items into the bins.

So everything was sorted, and organized, but I wanted the boxes labeled. This way they could stay organized after grocery shopping, and it’d be easy to find where things are since I didn’t use clear boxes.

I measured the sides of the boxes that I would be labeling. Then used my Cricut cutting machine and vinyl to make some labels. Using transfer tape, I placed each one on a bin.

I LOVE how organized it all is. Things aren’t lost in the back of the cabinet anymore, and we can just pull out a bin when needed, to access the things inside. Notice the candy bin is on the top shelf to keep it out of youngest son’s reach. I hope this inspires you to get a space in your home organized.

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