Kids Handmade Books

He is so proud of his work.

So I’m always on the hunt for activities for my boys where they can use their imagination and be creative. Yesterday was the first day the boys stayed home due to the current pandemic, Corona Virus. I want to be sure that they aren’t sitting in front of electronics all day for the next 6 weeks, and it’s a good time to share some of the activities we will be doing and maybe you and your little ones can enjoy them too.

I found these blank books in the Target Dollar Spot. They were only $3 for 8 books. Perfect for any age. Your toddlers can scribble through them, and you can save them as keep sakes. Or your older ones can actually draw pictures and write stories.

My youngest got right to it. He gets his craftiness from his mama, so this type of activity is his thing. He immediately came up with a story he wanted to create and got his cup of crayons.

He even wrote chapters!

With the boys being out of school, it’s very important for them to continue learning. This small activity not only allows them to use their imagination, but it helps them practice their writing and spelling.

Isaiah is 5 years old and in K2. He’s been learning about the continents and decided to talk about that in his book.

I like to make sure he’s involved in all of the steps.

Since the front of the books were also blank, this gave Isaiah the opportunity to come up with his own book title. I used my Cricut machine and vinyl to cut out the title and then transfer tape to adhere the words onto the book. Isaiah loves using my Cricut scraper to smooth out things for me when I’m working on projects, so of course this was his job for his own project.

I had plans on keeping these forever, because I’m that mom. But apparently I’m raising a little entrepreneur, and he wants to sell them and make some money.

Isaiah loved the first one so much that he made 2 more, and is up this morning making another one. I hope this inspires someone to get their little ones creating. Stay tuned for more activities and crafts.

3 thoughts on “Kids Handmade Books

  1. I LUV THIS…!!! Your always coming up with exciting things for your children and I appreciate that you share them.


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