How to turn a closet into a craft room

For the last couple of years I have been using a small corner of my living room as my craft space. It was never somewhere I wanted it to be, but the only space for it. Having scissors, peg boards, mountains of yarn, a heat press and other supplies in the main living space was kind of an eye sore. Plus, my children always seemed to get into something. Then recently, after selling my youngest son’s electric BMW car, I decided that I needed to turn our storage closet into my craft room.

I started by completely emptying the closet. Then it was and still is a process finding new places for everything to be stored. The walls looked horrible from the boy’s bikes scraping against it when they were taken in and out. And the standard eggshell color our apartment building uses made the room look yellow.

I patched up the walls and painted them with the cheapest bright white that Home Depot had.

Then my friend Natasha, our little ones and I headed out to Ikea to shop for the space. The trip was a success since I didn’t need to purchase too much because I already had a lot to work with at home.

There was one small problem, I didn’t measure correctly and got too big of a table top. So I had to head back the very next day.

After getting a new table top, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to set up the room the way I originally planned so I just moved some things around. Then it was time to decorate.

I already had an Ikea pegboard when my space was in the living room, but I decided to get another one to have a whole pegboard section of the wall. It’s my favorite part of my room.

My desk attaches to the shelf with this hardware from Ikea so I only needed two legs on the other side. This saved a little more space.

My Ikea cart fits perfectly next to my desk and holds my sewing machine and my Cricut Easy Press.

This small trash can was only a couple of dollars and I feel like it’s perfect for a craft space.

I am in LOVE with my new craft room. Although it’s small, it’s perfect for me and my supplies. And the best part is I can just shut the door and no one even knows it’s there. I can hide the mess when working on huge projects and keep the little ones out. Comment below and let me know what you think.

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