DIY Lemonade Stand

This summer during a regular trip to Michael’s craft store, my 5 year old noticed a Creatology Lemonade/ Market Stand. I love that Michael’s sells a variety of projects for children to color and build. But to be honest, for parents to build. So far, we’ve had a rocket ship, and pirate ship, a house, and a couple of others.

I sent this picture of Isaiah and the stand he had been working on to his Mimi, my mother. And let her know the other side had a lemonade stand. She immediately said that he needed to actually sell lemonade. I had no plans on that when I bought it, but thought it was a good idea.

My mother took the boys to the Dollar Tree to grab a couple of things for the stand. Isaiah was really excited to pick out what he wanted. Jeremiah decided he wanted to be in charge of the money, and looked for a pouch to hold their earnings.

Once everything was purchased, I of course pulled out my Cricut and began labeling anything I could.

Then I thought of course they needed shirts. I found this image on Etsy that I purchased for only about $1.69, and designed them to match each of the boys sneakers they’d be wearing.

Jeremiah didn’t seem to show too much interest in the lemonade stand until it was time to set up, then he started thinking about making money. Definitely raising two entrepreneurs.

Since the stand was made of cardboard, I rolled my Ikea Raskov cart out to hold the lemonade pitchers, cups, napkins, etc.

Isaiah sat behind the booth sneaking a lot of the complimentary candy while his brother did most of the work.

A couple of their first customers left them a huge tip. Some took pictures and a few featured the booth (not the boys) on their snap chats and Instagram stories.

The stand was a success and the boys had a great time. And to top it off, they made a lot of money. They’ve both been very responsible and decided to save their money.

2 thoughts on “DIY Lemonade Stand

  1. This is such an awesome idea! I love that you used your cricket to personalize everything! How could anyone resist from buying lemonade from those two adorable faces.

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