IKEA Homework Stations

Jeremiah’s old homework station

Over the years Jeremiah has had several different homework stations. Although they were all different, they were all out together with products from Ikea. I like to change my boys’ rooms every time they enter a new stage, infant, toddler, preschool, school age. They will outgrow tables and chairs and needs larger ones, better materials etc. So it makes sense to get furniture and materials that are affordable when constantly making changes.

Isaiah’s old homework station

Jeremiah used to have a desk that was actually attached to the wall. As he grew taller we were able to raise it higher. Now heading into 5th grade, he needed something larger, with more surface space for all of his materials. His laptop took over most of the space on the old desk.

Isaiah used to work on a toddler table, and as he grew taller and heading into K2 he needed a larger chair.

I had Jeremiah’s old desk moved into Isaiah’s room. It was in very good condition aside from a few scuff marks that a magic eraser took care of. It’s more than enough space for him at this age and most of the homework he’s assigned is by me anyway. He was so excited about getting his brothers “big kid” desk.

These shelves I use for Isaiah’s books are actually spice racks from Ikea. They come in a natural finish and I just painted them with spray paint from Home Depot.

He has this rail with cups made for it to hold and sort his crayons, markers and pencils. All of the materials he’s needs for homework or drawing/ coloring are easily accessible.

J’s homework station was a part of his room makeover ( https://mamathemaker.com/2019/07/31/gaming-room-makeover/ ). Since everything in his old homework station was given to Isaiah, I was able to start fresh with all new things. His desk is actually just a small table top from Ikea, and it gives you the option to choose from different legs. I loved the black and white contrast, so I went with that.

As you can see, this gave him more then enough space for his laptop and materials, and still enough room to set things aside to work.

Believe it or not, the containers that hold Jeremiah’s pencils, markers, and crayons are actually bathroom storage at IKEA. But they can clearly be used in other areas of your home.

His room gets the least amount of light, so he needed a large desk lamp so that he can see clearly when reading.

Jeremiah’s book shelves are picture ledges, he already had the white ones, so I got black ones too to match his new desk.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my boys’ homework stations, and it inspires you to set up areas in your home for you little ones to do their work. Have a great start to the school year.

3 thoughts on “IKEA Homework Stations

  1. Once again “THANK YOU” for sharing your awesome ideas!!! As much as I hate going to IKEA we are about to become besties. AWESOME JOB PREY…LUV IT!!!


  2. I usually don’t think about IKEA, but I will start checking it. I love what you’re doing with these projects and will enjoy keeping up with your blog and IG page 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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