DIY Toy Storage

I definitely went through trial and error when it came to organizing toys for my 10 year old when he was little, so when I had my second son, I knew which ways didn’t work. It’s been important for me to have systems in place that make it easier for my boys to put things away. Everything has a home. I purchased the Ikea Trofast storage with the red bins that are made for them. It was cute, matched his room, but didn’t work. Every time Isaiah had company, they would dump out every single bin on the floor. Then when it was time to clean up, it was basically a joke trying to figure out where everything went.

So I decided to replace the bins with these clear plastic containers from Target. They are so affordable, at about $2 a bin. I pulled out my Cricut machine so that I could make labels. This was perfect because my 5 year old is able to read, and he would know exactly where to put each toy when cleaning up. Having bins with lids also kept them from dumping out each and every one. I noticed them taking only a couple out at a time.

Since Isaiah’s interest change, and toys are swapped out, mainly around holidays or his birthday, I used removal vinyl from the Cricut brand. That way when it’s time to change the labels for new toys, I can just peel it right up and make a new one. I love using my Cricut, not only for things I sell in my Etsy shop, but also around the house.

Cleaning up has become so much easier for Isaiah. He knows exactly where everything goes. Everything is stacked nice and neat on the shelves and it’s definitely my favorite part of his room.

Comment and let me know if this system would work for you or if you’ve found systems of your own.

5 thoughts on “DIY Toy Storage

  1. This is so helpful! I have been looking for storage options and so appreciate you sharing what has worked and what hasn’t. Will definitely look into these plastic bins with lids. Thank you!

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