Free Summer Fun in Boston

The boys and I are on summer vacation. I am normally someone who loves to find deals whenever I can, so I wanted to make sure that we could find things to do daily that were affordable, or even better, free. Paying for activities every single day over the summer is crazy and unnecessary. Not saying we haven’t gone on trips or outings that definitely cost money, but those couldn’t happen every single day. So here are a few of the free/affordable things we’ve done so far in Boston this summer.

It’s crazy bringing Isaiah to the same playground I grew up playing in.

Of course the first free outdoor activity you think of, not only in the summer of course, is the playground. We have made it our mission this year to explore new playgrounds around Boston, but there’s something special about the boys playing in my childhood playgrounds.

I cannot believe my first born is this big already!

Basketball is Jeremiah’s absolute favorite thing to do right now, so we’ve also been finding new basketball courts for him to play at. I like that he’s now able to have so many different courts to choose from. This is one we found in Somerville.

I try to remember Isaiah’s scooter so he has something to do while Jeremiah plays if there isn’t a connecting playground.

Clearly the next activity for summer time has to involve water. The boys do spend a lot of time in the pool for swim class a couple of times a week, but I want them to have the opportunity to just play as well. The Christian Science Sprinkler near the Prudential Center is a favorite of ours. Since we are off for the summer, we’ve been able to head there at random times when it isn’t so crowded.

A wading pool was recommended to us that I surprisingly didn’t know existed, the Artesani Park. I originally took Isaiah there on a playdate with his cousin and his mom, but a few days later returned with both of my boys. Jeremiah enjoyed it more than I thought he would. I assumed he was a little too old, but was completely wrong.

I’m sure Castle Island is on everyone’s summer list. I like to bring the boys there to ride their scooters while I get in a nice walk trying to keep up with them.

There are so many beaches to choose from, some small, some large, some close by and some a littler further out. The boys fly kites with their father and we look for seashells in the sand.

The last thing I want to mention isn’t 100% free, but almost. Boston Bowl offers free bowling during the summer. You just have to sign up for it on their website and they will text or email your free bowling coupons. You do have to pay to rent the shoes, but after getting two free games of bowling, a $3 shoe rental per child isn’t bad at all.

Please be sure to comment down below and let me know some of the free or affordable things you do with your little ones over the summer.

5 thoughts on “Free Summer Fun in Boston

  1. This is great! I haven’t brought my son to the Artistian park yet but that is definitely on our list, seeing how your boys enjoyed it so much. Thanks prey!

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  2. Free and/or discounted? You’re speaking my language. Glad you and the boys are enjoying summer. Thanks for the ideas!


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