Get to know me!

My name is Prey. I am a 35 year old mom and teacher. I have two boys Isaiah is 7, and Jeremiah is 12. I teach preschool and have been in the early childhood field since 2004. I have a very small handmade business on the Etsy platform right now and I incorporate my crafting in everything, home decor, teaching, and mostly with and for my boys. My boys believe that Mama is the maker of all crafty things.

I have had my mind on blogging for years now, and previously started one that I didn’t keep up with. I have now decided that this passion that I haven’t been able to let go of needs more of my time and attention, so here it is. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I know I will.

3 thoughts on “Get to know me!

  1. it brings my heart joy to know that a productive and constructive mom, whom clearly makes every effort to brighten her children’s days and lives is actually going to do something to bring a little pleasure to her own days and life as well. Not only do I believe it’s well deserved but you have my full support. And now I’m just wondering how much better those boys childhoods/lives are going to be with a mom whose not only attentive, imaginative and creative, – but also HAPPY… 😁

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  2. I’m in awe of how creative and resourceful you are and of how incredible your parenting skills are. Congrats on your relaunch & thanks for sharing with us!

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