Kids Handmade Books

So I’m always on the hunt for activities for my boys where they can use their imagination and be creative. Yesterday was the first day the boys stayed home due to the current pandemic, Corona Virus. I want to be sure that they aren’t sitting in front of electronics all day for the next 6 … More Kids Handmade Books

DIY Lemonade Stand

This summer during a regular trip to Michael’s craft store, my 5 year old noticed a Creatology Lemonade/ Market Stand. I love that Michael’s sells a variety of projects for children to color and build. But to be honest, for parents to build. So far, we’ve had a rocket ship, and pirate ship, a house, … More DIY Lemonade Stand

IKEA Homework Stations

Over the years Jeremiah has had several different homework stations. Although they were all different, they were all out together with products from Ikea. I like to change my boys’ rooms every time they enter a new stage, infant, toddler, preschool, school age. They will outgrow tables and chairs and needs larger ones, better materials … More IKEA Homework Stations

DIY Toy Storage

I definitely went through trial and error when it came to organizing toys for my 10 year old when he was little, so when I had my second son, I knew which ways didn’t work. It’s been important for me to have systems in place that make it easier for my boys to put things … More DIY Toy Storage